Partner with us and share with Gods people who are in need

Do you wonder how people get by day to day? Are you concerned that the person sitting next to you is in need of basic everyday necessities? Have you been wondering how you can make a difference? I would like to give towards VOT Welfare Initiative, regularly & consistently. A minimum of 1 Euro a week will help lift someone up. DO YOU HAVE A NEED? PLEASE LETS TALK ABOUT IT. THERE IS HELP AT HAND IN VOTA!!

Do you have passion to help and support people that are in need? Your ideas will be welcome in welfare department of Voice of Truth Assembly. What can I give? Money, clothing, temporary accomodation, assistance to get a job, visit & support person. THE WORD OF GOD SAYS Do not withold good from those who deserve, when it is in your power to act; do not say to your neighbour come back later; I'll give it tomorrow, when you have it now with you. Let this mind be in you, practice hospitality.

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