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Holy Ghost Night of Freedom

In the presence of God is Liberty. The Holy Ghost night of freedom is a colourful event that takes place every first Friday of the month in Cork.

This special occasion gathers people across the nation of Ireland into a place of meeting with the Holy Spirit. In this meeting the Holy Spirit does mass salvation, healing, deliverance, gives gift of the spirit, refreshes people with great manifestation of the moves of the Holy wind.

Events start at 11:00pm and end at 6.30am the following day.

Activities of the night include:

Songs of praise and worship


Salvation, healing, deliverance by the Word of God

Dining with God on the Communion table


What do I need to do?

Just come! Be expectant. Be aware that this is a place where the Spirit of God moves among His people, being slain by the Spirit/falling is inevitable. You are therefore advised to dress properly and modestly.

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