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The Mandate

Our Mission

To liberate the oppressed, support the broken hearted, restore hope to the hopeless and strengthen them with the Truth in the Word of God.


To set the captives free by the Truth in the Gospel of Christ.

We Believe

The Trinity: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. That Jesus Christ laid down His life for us on the cross of Calvary, took it back again on the 3rd day to ascend and sit at the right hand side of God in Heaven. This means we are cleansed from all sin and have access into the presence of God through the shedding of his blood. That God the Holy Spirit (promised by Jesus Christ) is with us to guide us into all truth.

About Pastor Shola

I was born as a second son to my mother and number 16 to my deceased father among his living children in a polygamous house. I Grew up in Ilesa in Osun State in Nigeria, attending Methodist church. My childhood and adulthood was characterised by mysteries; I escaped death many times by sicknesses such as malaria, and other sicknesses I acquired through ungodly living. I was not expected to bring good name to my family due to some mischievous and questionable character in my life up to the age of about 21 years old. After my secondary school, for whatever reasons I determined to prove my family wrong and by the divine intervention of God, I gained admission into Obafemi Awolowo University to study accountancy. After my graduation, I worked for about a year in one of the Wema Bank branches in Nigeria until God intervened again and granted my dream to live in abroad (U.K).

Something worth mentioning was God deliverance intervention in my life; death was frustrated and stopped on four major occasions in Nigeria, two of such incidents were a major motor accident along Ife-Ibadan dual motorway and at road from Kaduna.

Also worth mentioning was the favour of God on my admission - into the University and the favoured of God with all my lecturers and colleagues throughout the duration of my course of studies, in the 2nd year at the University, when I would have dropped out of the university due lack of money for my feeding, God made a campus fellowship (Evangelical Christian Union) where I serve voluntarily as a driver to begin to give me weekly money, He also granted me favour with church members who were close to me to provide me raw food.

Readers, This God is so good and extremely patient, I understood clearly that God was doing something to help me but I could not understand why despite of my way of life that was not pleasing to Him at the time. I was always in sin of fornication and this progressed into adultery when I was married. I had a desire to stop my wicked way of life but I could not help myself, all my effort always take me deep on the other side of God, The enemies had no mercy on me at all. Because I never took my Christian life serious, my file was always moving from the serpentine department to the department of witchcraft where I know no peace and where happiness and hope for better things were separated from my life. This acts of secret sin and hopeless living continued even as worker in the church.

Encounter with the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is a name I never heard from my father, my mother or any member of my family, He is person I never knew as a church goers and a choir member at the Methodist Church in Nigeria. I begin to hear about this name and His marvellous work in the life of people at the University, but I never know Him personally until at a gathering organised by the RCCG:Royal Connection in the United Kingdom. A friend invited me for this program (Wind of Change) where Reverend Adegboye, the General Overseer of the REMA Chapel was the invited guest. During His sermon, I saw people manifesting and falling without touching them in the service. I felt at the time that they were pretender looking attention. After his sermon, he invited anyone who wishes to speak in tongue to meet with him after the service in a room. I responded to this call. In the room, he explained briefly to what it is all about and asked us to close our eye while he prayed and laid his hand on each one of us. When He got to me, as soon as he lay his hand upon me, I felt no bones in every part of my body, I dropped to the floor like a jelly and a kind of a babbling language busted from my mouth naturally. (This heavenly language is so unique and has not been reproduce exactly the same way since the incidence). I left this meeting to shut myself in-door for a deep thought about what I experienced. Because there was no further teaching specifically to help me understand what I have received, I felt back into sin and this time - severely dealt with in my marriage by the angry Satan for about five years. Until I heard about the ministry of Pastor Alex Omokudu, where I had the touch of God again following his teaching on holiness and righteousness, teaching daily about how the Holy Spirit has saved and change his life; About a years of my commitment to the things of God and my determination to live right, I began to receive the powerful touch of the Holy Spirit virtually in almost every meeting. I became so hungry to know Him, I utilized the grace and the favour I had to serve to the man of God closely: I began to buy and study various kind of books that I saw him with, I discovered about You-Tube through watching him, I saw the practicality of the encounter of other writers like Benny Hinn, Kathrine Kulhma, Bishop Oyedepo, Franklin, Smith-Wigglesworth and other by watching him closely in and out of service. God basically planted me in heart to the point that He gave me the responsibilities to put the church, which growing at a very fast rate under administrative and management structure. I learnt practical discipline, I saw and learnt faith at work, He calls me out almost at every service and impacted on me.

The Calls and the Sending

I give God the Glory for calling me first out darkness, out oppression, out of poverty, out hopelessness, out of eternal death. Readers, I don't know whatever my testimony would do for you, my prayer is that you will experience the call of God. God is the same yesterday, today and forever more. Your calling does not need personal pushing, manipulation by getting too close to an anointed man of God, or by making others in your department fall for you to be considered, it is not by going to the school of the bible in other help God, begging God to call you; just be yourself, love God and love what He loves. He knows your heart, if he has a need for you in the ministry, He will reveal to you. Jesus is the one that calls and the Holy Spirit is in charge of the called. God will never call you into confusion; He will speak to you in a way that you will understand as his sheep. If you need someone to hear for you, you are likely to remain a dependant on your assignment

The call of God for my life is evidence from the very beginning, because I will not listen, I pursued a wrong course for many years in struggle and in pain. For seven years that I was at RCCG-TRINITY CHAPEL, serving Pastor Shola Fola-Alade, I was moved from one department to another (administration & finance, ushering, protocol and welfare) without knowing that I was in training. In one of the special meeting, Prophetess Sharon Stone came and spoke prophetically for about 10 minutes openly about the plan of God for my life.

I bought the CD and I listen to it daily, there was a wide gap between where I was and where God want me to be. Specifically, the prophetess spoke accurately my current position; the bit I could not put together or think about was God using me as a preacher, because I never at one day imagine it will ever happen, I was not qualify for it, there was no preacher in my family and many other reasons that would disqualify me. The prophesy began when my marriage was rocked close to divorce, all efforts by my church (trinity Chapel), close friends and family did to get things right would not work. Following a horrific dream told by my wife one day, I was scared and I called a friend to help me pray, and he directed me to a deliverance ministry of Pastor Alex. I obediently followed and moved from RCCG-Trinity Chapel without delay & permission of my pastor to commence deliverance at Victorious Pentecostal Assembly. In this program, the message of Salvation penetrated my heart like a knife, revealing the state of my heart of heart daily; soon I began to repent genuinely while I make every effort by the help of God not fall again. Before this time, I have blamed others for failures of my life, but I learnt that the problems of life was entirely my fault in disobedient to God commandment. God recovered my marriage from collapse and I stay put to support the VPA with all the gift God has given me (I actually gave a CV of all I can do voluntarily to the pastor and the administrator).

While I remain committed to the things of God and serve passionately without any selfish interest, looking out for the needy and doing something to support them with gifts from others and with my personal resources, my dream changed from harassment to good dreams of revelation, the light of my heart switch on and now I can see, my heart became receptive and I learnt how to seek him by myself in prayers and in fasting. In my dream I would see myself in a gathering preaching, at another time; sometimes it would be a big gathering where God is using me to heal the sick. God began to reveal my calling to other people as a confirmation of what He has been revealing to me. Before my ordination, God confirmed the name of the ministry and the location of the ministry. I was scared to discuss it with my pastor (Pastor Alex), after a period of lack of peace in my heart, I open up to Him and of-course you can imagine what will follow.

Someone lend me a message preached about 9 years ago by Bishop Oyedepo, I listened to it on Sunday, towards the 3rd week of July 2009, in the message, Bishop declare 3 days of fasting from Tuesday (I cannot remember the title of the message), I embarked on the fasting and completed it. I needed the copy of this message for myself so I called Winner Chapel in UK to find out if I can buy a copy of the message, I understood they don't have it anymore; the lady there and then told me that Bishop Oyedepo would be coming for a 3 days program starting on the 23rd of July 2009 at Excel in UK, between this program was my birthday. Something ran in my mind that may be God has a birthday present for me. I planned to be there. On the night of the first day of the program, I remember after I have missed the first one, I spent the whole day of my birthday on the second day and I attended the anointing service on the 3rd day being Saturday. The following day being Sunday the 26th Sept 2009. I returned to VPA for Sunday service, Pastor arrived from Ghana, and it was time for testimonies, a voice spoke to me to go out and give testimony about my birthday gift, I thought about I don't know what to say, and the voice reminded me that this time last year in 2008, He asked to stop the job where I was a manager on an annual income of about 32,000 and since then He has been paying my mortgage, taking care of our needs with begging. I immediately obeyed the voice, as soon as I finished my testimony, I lied down to roll on the floor before God in front of the Pastor Alex and about 1500 people in attendant, as I got up, the power of God came upon me mightily, I could not stand up, two people were struggling to hold so I don't hurt myself. There and then Pastor Alex announced that God has been speaking to Him to ordain me and send me out as I told him, he announced my ordination for the following Sunday 02nd August 2009 and I was ordained by God and send out immediately through the hand and the ministry of Pastor Alex in two services, one, in the morning witnessed by about 1,700 people and in the evening service, after message by Reverend Emeka and in the congregation of about 200 people. In Aug 2009, I arrived at the place of my assignment in the Republic of Ireland.

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